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Digital Signature Certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally. DSC provides an additional level of safety and security for online banking transactions by digitally verifying the financial transactions. A digital certificate is an ID that a file carries with it. To validate a signature, a certifying authority validates information about the creator of the file and then issues the digital certificate. The digital certificate contains information about the person to whom the certificate was issued, as well as information about the certifying authority that issued it. When a digital certificate is used to sign a file, this ID is stored with the file in a verifiable form so that it can be displayed to a user.

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      Benefit of DSC

  • Businesses no longer have to wait for paper documents to be sent by courier. Contracts are easily written, completed, and signed by all concerned parties in a little amount of time no matter how far the parties are geographically.
  • The use of digital signatures and electronic documents reduces risks of documents being intercepted, read, destroyed, or altered while in transit.
  • No one else can forge your digital signature or submit an electronic document falsely claiming it was signed by you.


With effect from 20-Feb-2020, all Individual DSC applications shall be made only on paperless mode. To view the CCA order, click here.

Apply Digital Certificate using Paperless DSC Issuance (For e-mudhra) Click Here to Apply

Apply Digital Certificate using Paperless DSC Issuance (For PantaSign) Click Here to Apply

The Steps for getting the Digital Signature for Organizations are -

  • (1)   Download DSC form.  Click Here For Download
  • (2)   Fill the Form
  • (3)   After filling the Form send it to our E-Mail: with all required documents (Self-Attested)
  • (4)   Provide a valid E-Mail Id and Mobile No. for online verification.
  • (5)   Make the Online Payment through Buy Now button.

  Our Prices

DSC CLASS-3 (1 YEARS) ( Digital Signature with Token validity of 1 year )

Rs. 1299

DSC CLASS-3 (2 YEARS) ( Digital Signature with Token validity of 2 year )

Rs. 1599

DSC CLASS-3 (3 YEARS) ( Digital Signature with Token validity of 3 year )

Rs. 1899

DSC DGFT (1 YEARS) ( DGFT Digital Signature with Token validity of 1 year )

Rs. 1949


  Proof of Identity :
• Self Attested copy of PAN Card

  Proof of Address/Residence (Any one):
• Aadhar Card (Self-Attested)
• Passport (Self-Attested)
• Latest 3 months Bank Statement (Self-Attested)
• Driving License (Self-Attested)
• Voter ID (Self-Attested)

  Passport size Photo of the applicant

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